List of 5 best chef knives

Having a good knife means a blessing. There is an addiction attached to it. If you have a good knife, one thing is sure that you would love chopping food. Hattie McDaniel, an American actress while mentioning the importance of good knife says, “When I was little, my mother taught me how to use a fork and knife. The trouble is that Mother forget to teach me how to stop using them”

Those who love cooking, know the importance of knives. The chef’s knife is the indispensable multi-tool of the kitchen. It slices, it dices. It minces, juliennes and de-bones. Chef knives are very important to have in the kitchen. They are available in multi designs. the wise saying says that any knife that fits your hand is a god knife.

In this article, we will give you the list of 5 beautiful chef knives.

Deba knifeDeba knife

These are Japanese style kitchen carvers which are used to cut fish and meat. They are available in different sizes. Its thickness makes the obtuse angle and is perfect to cut off the fish head.

There are many food lovers who use Deba knife for many tasks related to a kitchen like cutting poultry and vegetables. But the knife is extensively designed to cut fish.

Richmond Addict 2Richmond Addict 2

It big blade and high handle makes it capable of performing multiple tasks. If your hands are big, it is perfect for you. This knife is favorite of many chefs. It keeps its edge for a long time. It sharpness and design make it unique to tackle any task.

Shun 8Shun 8

The Shun Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife is an amazing knife and each kitchen holder should have this beautiful tool. It is designed to perform several tasks. This 8-inch blade is perfect to cut fruits, vegetables and much more. Shun Classic’s thinner blades make it lighter and less tiring to use than comparable European-style Chef’s knives.



Ginsu Hanaita DamascusGinsu Hanaita Damascus

Ginsu Hanaita Damascus is a knife that is crafted from 33 layers of high carbon and low carbon Japanese Stainless Steel with VG-1 core to form a superior Japanese Damascus blade. Hanaita chef knives are designed with comfortable POM handles that offer the highest level of professional balance.

Global G-2Global G-2

A stainless steel and a sharp edge make it perfect for a kitchen. Its stylish handle which is molded to fit your hand makes it unique. It is dimpled to resist slipping.


Why Is It Important to Wear A Chef Coat in a Professional Kitchen?

Chef CoatChef coat isn’t just a uniform, it is something used to be worn by all the professional chefs. In most of the kitchens of restaurants, hotels and eating joints, professional chefs just love to cook in their uniform. Not only a chef coat, they have certain reasons to wear hats and pants as well that serves their certain functions. Since many years, chefs have been wearing a particular type of uniform as there are hardly any changes found in the design of chef coats.

In the hospitality industry, there are the certain color combination and a particular type of design are made that ensures the practical and safety functions to serve. Some modifications in the chef’s coat is made to give it a unique style so that the chefs can feasibly cook in their kitchen which is designed for cleanliness and safety.

Purpose of a Chef Coat:

  • Chef coats often come in a white color which is a symbol of purity and cleanliness that’s the reason why it was chosen for chefs uniform. These coats can be easily cleaned and bleached as well as can be reversed that allows a chef to wear if it gets stained.
  • It comes in the double coating that makes it a perfect safety shield and prevents from heat and burns.
  • Long sleeves of the chef coat protect the chef from oil spills or other liquids.
  • The buttons are made of cloth so they will not melt easily or change their shape.
  • Generally, chef coats are made of cotton that makes it heat and fire resistant by remaining the coolness while working in the kitchen the entire day.
  • It gives a style to the ultra-modern kitchen.
  • Some chef coats are designed by the professional designers so that enables in keeping the charm of chef coats alive for a long time period.

Impression of a Chef Coat on Guests:

A hat, coat and pants and gloves in hands completes a chef uniform and also, helps in building a reputed image. A chef looks like a chef only if he wears a coat, hat scarf, apron, belt, gloves and shoes. People associate this uniform with chefs and expect them to wear their uniform before preparing a dish for them. Jackets are worn while preparing sumptuous food comfortably without any risk of the oil spill or get in contact with the heat.

Chefs always stand out in the crowd by wearing the white coats. This uniform is also important to get the respect they deserve being a chef which makes them a crucial part of their life to improve performance and customer satisfaction.

Chef’s Knife – One of the Most Important Kitchen Tools

Chef knifeDo you like to cook? Then you would definitely agree that a chef’s knife is the heart and soul of the kitchen. It’s the tool which you have been using the most without a second thought. If you were to live without using this knife, it would really be next to impossible for you to lead a pleasing life. This is because that deep inside your mind something so crucial will be missing in your life.

Want to buy a top quality chef’s knife?

Well, running an online search would get you in touch with some of the reliable stores catering to diverse needs of the customers whether professional chefs or home cooks for the right knives. Would you not consider buying the right chef’s knife a blue chip stock? You’re going to own it forever and it will be working to your advantage at every step of the way.

When you take a look at the chef knives on the right, you will notice that it has a wide triangular blade which diminishes to a “center tip”. This tip means both the back of the knife and the blade are smoothly sloped until they meet at a point at the tip.

This blade tip gives you a great experience letting the blade work back and forth when you are slicing, mincing and chopping. It can also be used for the purpose of cutting meat, vegetables, fish or poultry. So, this chef’s knife would serve every purpose and let you handle most of your kitchen needs.

What can you do with a chef’s knife?

A chef’s knife can be used for those chores which are mostly related to cutting. It’s used for chopping, mincing, dicing, slicing, julienne cuts, disjointing huge meat cuts and smashing garlic as well.

How to buy the right chef’s knife?

Here are some tips that will let you buy the chef’s knife that you want:

1.Is Eight Really the Magic Number

An 8” knife is right for most professional chefs or home cooks. This is because that it has the finest ratio of mass to accessible cutting surface. You should go for a small one if it feels heavy or long for you. May be you cook in tight quarters, but make sure you don’t take it down more than an inch. A foot-long chef’s knife might look amazing.

2.Choosing the sides

Many cooks express their concern for Japanese-style knives these days. These knives are light and have thin blades made of awfully hard, sharp steel. But blades are fragile, so they are prone to chip if they run up against bone uninentionally.

Go for the carbon chef’s knife as it’s sharper than stainless one and will have a long lifespan. Know that this knife requires maintenance and it has to be dried and oiled after using.

A chef’s knife is unqiestionably one of the most important tools you can invest in. Many people who are on the verge of getting into cooking come up with a question, “What’s the most important kitchen tool I should own?”

The answer to the above stated question is a good chef’s knife, which is also known as a French knife. This all-purpose knife is used for a wide range of slicing, mincing and chopping chores, and the blade is usually 8 to 12 inches long.

Choose the Best Leather Knife Roll for Your Treasured Possessions

The fact cannot be held for denial that chefs express a great concern for their knives when it comes to taking their proper care. These knives are carried by them in knife roll, which is a bag designed to store a bunch of knives with a sharp edge.

And what can be the most safest way to carry a bunch of knives in a leather knife roll? It may not come to your mind that you really need to carry around your knives unless you’re planning a weekend barbeque’s, or a camping tour involving fireside cooking. Getting a knife roll will work to your advantage in every sense of the word.

Serious about the safety of your kitchen knives?

Run an online search and you will find many reliable companies catering to diverse needs of chefs and other people with a keen interest in buying a leather knife roll. This striking role is 100% artisan made, and can hold 16 knives – 6 small, 6 medium and 4 large. It also consists of a custom leather storage pouch where you can place your keys, wallet, phone, thermometer, and tweezer.

Dimensions of a knife roll – 18.9” (48cm) wide * 31.5” (80 cm)

This roll can easily accommodate knives up to approximately 17.5” (45 cm) in total length. Using premium quality oiled leather, this knife roll has an outstanding, yet rugged giving an antique look that will age exquisitely over time.

This is an absolute working piece of art and can take a beating. All of its slots are glued, stitched and riveted. What’s more? Its flexible flaps are lined with waxes canvas for the purpose of providing protection and resistance. The handle is reinforced with a stainless steel bar so the weight of the knives and bag can be supported. Its belts and straps have a double density to provide long life.

Thinking about having your leather knife roll customized with your name, initials and/or your logo etc? Ensure that you attach files with the font type of artwork when checking out.

Professional chefs make an extensive use knife rolls and bags so they can carry and transport their personal knife collection to and from work. Those cooking outdoors will find a knife roll more useful. These knife rolls are designed to keep knives safe while retaining their sharpness while traveling.