List of 5 best chef knives

Having a good knife means a blessing. There is an addiction attached to it. If you have a good knife, one thing is sure that you would love chopping food. Hattie McDaniel, an American actress while mentioning the importance of good knife says, “When I was little, my mother taught me how to use a fork and knife. The trouble is that Mother forget to teach me how to stop using them”

Those who love cooking, know the importance of knives. The chef’s knife is the indispensable multi-tool of the kitchen. It slices, it dices. It minces, juliennes and de-bones. Chef knives are very important to have in the kitchen. They are available in multi designs. the wise saying says that any knife that fits your hand is a god knife.

In this article, we will give you the list of 5 beautiful chef knives.

Deba knifeDeba knife

These are Japanese style kitchen carvers which are used to cut fish and meat. They are available in different sizes. Its thickness makes the obtuse angle and is perfect to cut off the fish head.

There are many food lovers who use Deba knife for many tasks related to a kitchen like cutting poultry and vegetables. But the knife is extensively designed to cut fish.

Richmond Addict 2Richmond Addict 2

It big blade and high handle makes it capable of performing multiple tasks. If your hands are big, it is perfect for you. This knife is favorite of many chefs. It keeps its edge for a long time. It sharpness and design make it unique to tackle any task.

Shun 8Shun 8

The Shun Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife is an amazing knife and each kitchen holder should have this beautiful tool. It is designed to perform several tasks. This 8-inch blade is perfect to cut fruits, vegetables and much more. Shun Classic’s thinner blades make it lighter and less tiring to use than comparable European-style Chef’s knives.



Ginsu Hanaita DamascusGinsu Hanaita Damascus

Ginsu Hanaita Damascus is a knife that is crafted from 33 layers of high carbon and low carbon Japanese Stainless Steel with VG-1 core to form a superior Japanese Damascus blade. Hanaita chef knives are designed with comfortable POM handles that offer the highest level of professional balance.

Global G-2Global G-2

A stainless steel and a sharp edge make it perfect for a kitchen. Its stylish handle which is molded to fit your hand makes it unique. It is dimpled to resist slipping.


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