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Choose the Best Leather Knife Roll for Your Treasured Possessions

The fact cannot be held for denial that chefs express a great concern for their knives when it comes to taking their proper care. These knives are carried by them in knife roll, which is a bag designed to store a bunch of knives with a sharp edge.

And what can be the most safest way to carry a bunch of knives in a leather knife roll? It may not come to your mind that you really need to carry around your knives unless you’re planning a weekend barbeque’s, or a camping tour involving fireside cooking. Getting a knife roll will work to your advantage in every sense of the word.

Serious about the safety of your kitchen knives?

Run an online search and you will find many reliable companies catering to diverse needs of chefs and other people with a keen interest in buying a leather knife roll. This striking role is 100% artisan made, and can hold 16 knives – 6 small, 6 medium and 4 large. It also consists of a custom leather storage pouch where you can place your keys, wallet, phone, thermometer, and tweezer.

Dimensions of a knife roll – 18.9” (48cm) wide * 31.5” (80 cm)

This roll can easily accommodate knives up to approximately 17.5” (45 cm) in total length. Using premium quality oiled leather, this knife roll has an outstanding, yet rugged giving an antique look that will age exquisitely over time.

This is an absolute working piece of art and can take a beating. All of its slots are glued, stitched and riveted. What’s more? Its flexible flaps are lined with waxes canvas for the purpose of providing protection and resistance. The handle is reinforced with a stainless steel bar so the weight of the knives and bag can be supported. Its belts and straps have a double density to provide long life.

Thinking about having your leather knife roll customized with your name, initials and/or your logo etc? Ensure that you attach files with the font type of artwork when checking out.

Professional chefs make an extensive use knife rolls and bags so they can carry and transport their personal knife collection to and from work. Those cooking outdoors will find a knife roll more useful. These knife rolls are designed to keep knives safe while retaining their sharpness while traveling.