Chef’s Knife – One of the Most Important Kitchen Tools

Chef knifeDo you like to cook? Then you would definitely agree that a chef’s knife is the heart and soul of the kitchen. It’s the tool which you have been using the most without a second thought. If you were to live without using this knife, it would really be next to impossible for you to lead a pleasing life. This is because that deep inside your mind something so crucial will be missing in your life.

Want to buy a top quality chef’s knife?

Well, running an online search would get you in touch with some of the reliable stores catering to diverse needs of the customers whether professional chefs or home cooks for the right knives. Would you not consider buying the right chef’s knife a blue chip stock? You’re going to own it forever and it will be working to your advantage at every step of the way.

When you take a look at the chef knives on the right, you will notice that it has a wide triangular blade which diminishes to a “center tip”. This tip means both the back of the knife and the blade are smoothly sloped until they meet at a point at the tip.

This blade tip gives you a great experience letting the blade work back and forth when you are slicing, mincing and chopping. It can also be used for the purpose of cutting meat, vegetables, fish or poultry. So, this chef’s knife would serve every purpose and let you handle most of your kitchen needs.

What can you do with a chef’s knife?

A chef’s knife can be used for those chores which are mostly related to cutting. It’s used for chopping, mincing, dicing, slicing, julienne cuts, disjointing huge meat cuts and smashing garlic as well.

How to buy the right chef’s knife?

Here are some tips that will let you buy the chef’s knife that you want:

1.Is Eight Really the Magic Number

An 8” knife is right for most professional chefs or home cooks. This is because that it has the finest ratio of mass to accessible cutting surface. You should go for a small one if it feels heavy or long for you. May be you cook in tight quarters, but make sure you don’t take it down more than an inch. A foot-long chef’s knife might look amazing.

2.Choosing the sides

Many cooks express their concern for Japanese-style knives these days. These knives are light and have thin blades made of awfully hard, sharp steel. But blades are fragile, so they are prone to chip if they run up against bone uninentionally.

Go for the carbon chef’s knife as it’s sharper than stainless one and will have a long lifespan. Know that this knife requires maintenance and it has to be dried and oiled after using.

A chef’s knife is unqiestionably one of the most important tools you can invest in. Many people who are on the verge of getting into cooking come up with a question, “What’s the most important kitchen tool I should own?”

The answer to the above stated question is a good chef’s knife, which is also known as a French knife. This all-purpose knife is used for a wide range of slicing, mincing and chopping chores, and the blade is usually 8 to 12 inches long.


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